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More just than the law,
more dangerous than the Underworld...
hated, feared, wanted by both-

Graphic novel adaptation of one of the greatest Spider stories of all time: The Devil's Paymaster!
AND the thrilling debut of the new on-going Spider series!
The graphic novel, and issues #1,#2, #3 Available Now!!! ... Click here to shop!

The Chronicles, the Holiday Special, & the LTD print Available Now!!! ... Click here to shop!
The Holiday Super Spectacular features an ALL NEW 10pg color Spider holiday story!
by Martin Powell & Tom Floyd!
This 56pg volume also includes all new stories with the Phantom, Buckaroo Banzai, Kolchak, and Sherlock Holmes!
a Winner of Best Single Issue of '07!
Extreme sworn enemy of crime, The Spider clashes against super-criminals whom no one else can handle. He remains one step ahead of the law in his endless crusade to destroy the human vipers that nest in our society. Not just get rid of, mind you, but completely obliterate them off the face of the earth by whatever means necessary!

Credits:Doug Klauba

Credits:Raphael DeSoto

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The Spider is the most extreme vigilante crime fighter of all time.
His stories are some of the most vivid,lurid, violent,
and just all out relentless action ever put to paper!
Moonstone gives THE SPIDER the illustrated prose anthology treatment!

The Spider Chronicles is a book of NEW stories by: John Jakes
(“The Kent Family Chronicles” as well as “North and South”!), and (in alphabetical order): Mort Castle,Bill Crider,
Shannon Denton,Chuck Dixon, Steve Englehart,Ron Fortier,Joe Gentile,
John Helfers, CJ Henderson,Howard Hopkins,James Anthony Kuhoric,
Elizabeth Massie,Christopher Mills,Will Murray, Ann Nocenti,
Martin Powell,& Robert Weinberg.
With interior art by: Thomas Floyd

Available Now!!! ... Click here to shop!

Credits:Gary Carbon
After THAT, be on the look out for adaptations
and new SPIDER graphic novels
...the adaptation of Devil's Paymaster is by Howard Hopkins & Gary Carbon.
The new material will be written by CJ Henderson, Will Murray, Howard Hopkins, Robin Waynve Bailey, and more!

Credits:Tom Floyd

Credits:Raphael DeSoto

Credits:Tom Floyd, Ken Wolak

Credits:Peter Caras

:Credits: Tim Truman

Credits:Tom Floyd

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Read Tom Floyd's interview by Pulse reporter Jen Contino!
Read the Spider writers interviewed by PULSE reporter Jen Contino!

To check out classic Spider pulp reprints, please visit our friends at:!
For more info on THE SPIDER, please visit our friends at:!

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015
jordan 3 cement  jordan prime 5jordan 3 fear,retro 12 jordansjordan 11 berd infrared jordan 6 gamma jordan 11