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The hard-boiled fiction of
CJ Henderson

"The stories were effective,
and evoked noir and horrific images
with ease.

Credits: Scott Hanna, Erica Henderson

11 new tales of hate, despair and runaway violence from today's premier writer of hard-boiled fiction. It's bounty hunters, sex addicts, vampires and more, set against backdrops of revenge, defiance and urban madness. This is the man "Detective Story Magazine" said "knows the mean streets around us today and makes them sing with the blood and sweat of life."

Writer: CJ Henderson
Art: Richard Clark, Trevor Von Eeden, Fred Harper
Cover: Scott Hanna
96 pgs, squarebound, mature readers, $10.95
Available Now!!! ...special SALE price of $4.95!!

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Slamm pic
Credits: Fred Harper
Slamm pic
Credits: Trevor Von Eeden
Slamm pic
Credits: Langdon Foss
Slamm pic
Credits: Ben Fogletto

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