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Skull & Bones is an impressively researched political-espionage thriller chronicling the
fictional exploits of Adrian Linov, an ex-Soviet special forces operative who grew
disillusioned with the State while fighting the war in Afghanistan.

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Credits: Ron Leary
When Skull & Bones opens, we see the rather fragile remnants of the Soviet Union just months after the attempted coup to oust Yeltsin from power. Intrigue and plots fill the air, the people are restless, and it’s clear the status quo can’t abide for much longer. A KGB political leader (and Russian Mafia head) named Kozakhov has decided that the time has come to seize power—and to do this, he plans to acquire a specially-engineered virus that will kill anyone not previously inoculated.

Credits:Ed Hannigan

Credits: Ed Hannigan
“The pacing and tone of the book are well done, combining the intrigue
of a good Tom Clancy with some of the exciting stunts of Bond movies.”

—Jeremy Patrick- GEOCITIES

Credits: Ed Hannigan

Credits:Ed Hannigan

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