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Credits: Eric J.

Credits: Eric J., Ken Wolak
Beau Smith: "It's got me good if not BETTER than anything going on at Vertigo/DC!"

Will Pfeifer: "Didnt' let go...GOOD STUFF!"

Chuck Dixon: "Do not pass this one by!"

Jeff Mariotte: "If the last page doesn't make you want the next issue NOW, then check your pulse and call 911!"


Life was good for Randall Gordon. Arguably the most famous psychic in the world, he was a respected advisor to celebrities and politicians, with a top-rated show on cable TV. His continued success was assured, so long as his subjects never learned the truth: Randall Gordon was a fraud.

Not that he lost any sleep over it. He was perfectly happy running his all-too-legal scam and raking in the money that the gullible were more than willing to fork over. Life was good ...

Until the day he was cursed with actual visions of the future.

Now the man without a conscience is haunted by glimpses of tragedies that are going to happen and by nightmares of the ones he doesnt try to prevent. So when Randall "sees" a beautiful woman shot down in the desert, he doesn't have much choice but to hit the Las Vegas Strip and ante up for a high stakes game of life and death.

Story:Paul D. Storrie, Art: Eric J.
32 pgs, b/w, $2.95
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Credits: Eric J.

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