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Phantom Kolchak the Nightstalker Buckaroo Banzai Captain Action
The Phantom
New adventures of
"The Ghost who Walks"
Kolchak: the Night Stalker
TV's original paranormal investigator
Buckaroo Banzai
a bold, titillating mix of particle physics, rock n roll, super-sonic speed, beautiful women, and villains beyond redemption.
Captain Action
The master of disguise
super spy is back!
Domino Lady
Green Hornet The Spider Honey West
The Domino Lady
The sexy avenger is back in noir action!
Green Hornet
& Kato

Maximum Intensity
Maximum Justice
The Master of Men!
Maximum Intensity
Maximum Justice
Honey West
sassy kick-butt Private Eye
Airboy zeroids
The Avenger
in the wild west!
AIRBOY and the

by Chuck Dixon
Robots from Space!
The IDEAL toys return!
The Avenger
The justice machine with the mold-able face is back!
Maximum Intensity.
Maximum Justice.
Black Bat Phantom Detective Secret Agent X Death Angel
The Black Bat
New adventures
The Phantom Detective
New adventures
Secret Agent X
New adventures
Death Angel
New pulp hero
Doc Savage
Guardians Zorro
Captain Midnight
Doc Savage
The Man of Bronze is back!
Maximum Intensity.
Maximum Justice.
Guardians of the
Northern Lights

Ty Templeton
New prose fiction!
Captain Midnight
Mysterious grim pilot
enemy of saboteurs!
Maximum Intensity.
Maximum Justice.
Sherlock Holmes x
Green Ghost Skull & Bones
Sherlock Holmes
New Victorian mysteries starring the world's first consulting detective
MILF Magnet
some guys are "chick magnets", but some guys are a little more specific
The Green Ghost
New Adventures
Skull & Bones
Soviet SuperSpy
by Ed Hannigan
Mandrake Blackshirt Wyatt Earp
Twisted Barbarian Felony.
The Magician
Bored into a life of crime, black-mailed to do good.
Adi Tantimedh
and Diego Olmos
Wyatt Earp
By: Chuck Dixon
& Enrique Villagran
horror fiction
Lai Wan Mr. Moto
Twilight Crusade

Horror prose fiction at its finest.
Lai Wan
CJ Henderson
Shawn McGuan & Chad Hunt
"Psychometric speaker
for the dead"
Mr. Moto
Rafael Nieves & Tim Hamilton
The return of the world's most inscrutible secret agent in a story of deceipt, double-crosses, dames and death
Heaven, Hell,
and those in between.
Five books-one messed up world.
Mister Satan Naked Artist Cisco Kid
Moon Man
Mister Satan
New Adventures.

The Naked Artist:
and other comic book legends

-kind of true stories about creators at cons!
Cisco Kid
Len Kody & Dennis Calero

O'Henry's western
anti-hero returns
Moon Man
New Adventures
Vampire the Masquerade Clash Zombie Proof Skull Killer
Vampire the Masquerade
Licensed Tales from White Wolf's Role-playing game Mythos
Golden Amazon
New Adeventures
Zombie Proof
If you place a yellow page ad under Zombie Proofing...will they come?

Skull Killer
New Adventures

Robin hood Silencers Pat Novak
Boston Blackie
Robin Hood
By: Paul Storrie
Covers: Joel Naprstek
New and re-told classic tales of adventure
Fred Van Lente
& Steve Ellis
"A molotov cocktail of superheroes and organized crime"
Pat Novak for Hire
The grittiest investigator of all time is back in noir action!
by: Steven Grant
& Tom Mandrake
Boston Blackie
By: Stefan Petrucha
He's an ex-con
He's a Safe Cracker
He's just misunderstood
Mr. Keen
Jack Hagee
Werewolf the Apocalypse
In a city that can swallow you whole, only one man can find what cannot be found.
By: Justin Gray
and Lee Ferguson
Jack Hagee Private Eye
By: CJ Henderson
Ex-military Intelligence, former police detective, and the last honest man in New York City.
Chris Yambar & George Broderick

Vampire Temp
Werewolf the Apocalypse
Licensed Tales from White Wolf's Role-playing game Mythos
Mysterious Traveler
Mummy Belle Starr Revisionary
Mysterious Traveler
Joe Gentile & Trevor Von Eeden

One-way ticket on a train to nowhere
Justin Gray/Eliseu Gouvia-Zeu

The secret to eternal life...
just one have to die first...death's a bitch.
Belle Starr: Bandit Queen
Mark Ricketts
& Steve Buccellato
The female Jesse James: her crimes and her mystery.
Paul D. Storrie & Eric J.
Having visions of the future is no guarantee that you'll live to see it.
Slamm! werewolf Lone Wolf Lance Barnes
The hard-boiled fiction of CJ Henderson

Call of the Wild

Mike Oliveri-Joe Bucco
revenge, corruption, & werewolves
The Lone Wolf
Marie Croall and Dan Jolley
Gabriel Rearte
Grand larceny never looked so good
Lance Barnes
Post-Nuke Dick

Stefan Petrucha
& Barry Crain
A lame-brained private eye cuts the wrong wire and ends the world!
Khan Invisible Man Bulldog Drummond
Johnny Dollar
Genghis Khan
By:Tom Defalco & Don Hudson
A fierce & cunning barbarian
who is destined to
conquer a world entire.
Legacy of the Invisible Man
Dave Ulanski & Art Nichols
One hundred years after the H.G. Wells classic, history repeats itself in an unsuspecting midwestern town
Bulldog Drummond
William Messner-Loebs
& Brett Barkley
It's 1920, the First World War is over and only one man can stop the world from dissolving into terror.
Johnny Dollar
David Gallaher Eric Theriault

Insurance - down the barrel of a gun
Infiniteens Hat Squad
Soulcatcher Frankenstein
Eliseu Gouvia-Zeu

four childhood friends unite to turn the tide of destruction and fight for life and justice.

The Hat Squad
By: Jay Faerber
& Eric Yonge
Tough Justice...
Delivered the old-fashioned way: with pain
By: Jason Henderson,
Lou Manna,Terry Pallot
"She knows what the dead can do"
By: Martin Powell
and Pat Olliffe
"Classic Novel Interpretation"
Cleopatra Night Driver
Geronimo I Love a Mystery
By:CJ Henderson
Night Driver
Family man has his drive home turn to horror!
by:Jonn Cork, Christopher Mills, Christopher LaGasse
Last Apache Warrior

Eric Griffin & Chaz Truog

Truth is braver than fiction.
I Love a Mystery
The radio adventurers return with classic thrillers!
Cyclone Bill Moonstone Monsters x Clash
Cyclone Bill
A Rock N Roll murder mystery
Dan Dougherty

Moonstone Monsters
A Moonstone anthology.
Our spin on the "classic monster" concept.
Sci-Fi Murder and revenge by Monte M. Moore
The Reign of the super-humans began, as many tyrannical empires do-with the best intentions
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Saturday, October 10, 2015
jordan 3 cement  jordan prime 5jordan 3 fear,retro 12 jordansjordan 11 berd infrared jordan 6 gamma jordan 11