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Credits: Kieran Yanner
LAI WAN:Tales of the Dream Walker

She is the Speaker for the Dead. That is the name she is known by in Chinatown. She is also Walker in Shadow. The name she was given in the city's Middle Eastern community. In Harlem they call her the Dreamwalker. The police have a name for her as well, one not nearly so polite, but born out of the same fear as the others.

Issue#1=40 pgs, COLOR, $3.99
Issue#2=32pgs, color, $3.50
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Credits: Erik Enervold

Credits: Craig White

Credits: Jim Pavelec

Credits: Kieran Yanner
She is only a woman. She cannot walk through walls or fly. She is not a master of the martial arts, possesses neither super strength nor super speed. She does not command heat vision, carries neither gun nor blade. And yet, of those who know her, or even merely know of her, she is feared as no other.

Credits: Shawn McGuan, Chad Hunt,Thompson Knox

Credits: Kieran Yanner, Thompson Knox
For she does have an ability most humans do not--a power, if you will. With but a touch, she can learn the entire history of any object. Or any person. Her name is Lai Wan, and if you let her stand in the same room as you, your every dark secret, your every dark mistake--every damning bit of shame and regret within your soul--will be hers, to do with as she pleases.

Credits: Kieran Yanner, Thompson Knox

Credits: Shawn McGuan & Chad Hunt
She is merely a woman. One rarely seen in public. One never seen without her armor--a silken shield of veils, shawls and dark glasses with which she keeps the rest of the world at bay.
This heightened talent makes her as powerful as any being who ever lived. She thinks of it as a curse. A curse that stole everything and everyone close to her, shoving them away like particles of sand on the wind.

And worst of all, she didn't come to command her extra abilities until she was dead.

Credits: Kieran Yanner

Credits: Shawn McGuan & Chad Hunt

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Saturday, October 10, 2015
jordan 3 cement  jordan prime 5jordan 3 fear,retro 12 jordansjordan 11 berd infrared jordan 6 gamma jordan 11