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full shot of johnny
Credit: Tim Seelig
When a fire stalls a swank production of MacBeth, our man with the "action-packed expense account", insurance investigator Johnny Dollar, is called in. On the scene he meets a gaggle of thespians, who all have their reason to see the production fold. But the felonies start to stack up, as arson is followed by murder! Can JD see this through to the final curtain without having his own murder listed in this famous ledger?

48 pgs, b/w, $4.95

Story: David Gallaher    Pencils: Eric Theriault     Inks: Serge Lapointe     Cover: Tim Seelig

Look for more JOHNNY DOLLAR in Partners in Crime the Moonstone Noir character team-up illustrated novel, as well as the Sex, Lies, and Private Eyes crime fiction prose anthology!


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JD Promo
Credit: Eric Theriault & Serge Lapointe

JD page 7
Credit: Eric Theriault

full shot of johnny
Credit: Eric Theriault & Serge Lapointe

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