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"...would recommend it to those looking for
great Chandler-esque narration and dialogue
in a modern setting!

Credits: Richard Clark

Jack Hagee has been leaving crime fiction fans breathless for years. Here's how his creator, CJ Henderson, describes the world he works in:

"Hagee's Manhattan is the one the tourists don't get to see. It's those small twisty back streets in Chinatown, the reeking dumpster-filled alleys of midtown, the crumbling docks, the beer-drenched bars that stink of rotting foam and their patron's indifference. It is a lump of land 14 miles long stuffed with seven million people every day -- which is apparently five and a half million more than it can handle.

It is a violent, twisted, thieving, scumhole. It isn't really hell on earth, it's more what you get when you put too many rats in a cage and slam the door. If you picked the place up and moved it to Kansas and filled it with corn-fed farmers, in two weeks they would be littering, horn-blowing, sex crazed, in-your-f***ing-face-every-god****-minute-of-every-***-licking-day, pissed-off, insensitive motherf***ers with too much attitude who drink too much coffee."

Imagine that world with a hangover, a crime that doesn't want to be solved, and the pain from a capped tooth that doesn't like being in your mouth. That's the comic we're offering you here. Violence, anger, and the rest of those sissy deadly sins that make an appearance, but Hagee's not above shooting them in the back if they get too careless with him.
Story: CJ Henderson Art: Richard Clark Cover: Doug Klauba --- 48 pgs, b/w, square-bound, self-contained

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Look for more JACK HAGEE in Partners in Crime the Moonstone Noir character team-up illustrated novel, as well as the Sex, Lies, and Private Eyes crime fiction prose anthology!

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Jack Hagee TPB
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Jack Hagee
Credit: Doug Klauba

3 New Hagee stories plus
the already published
"Little Voice Inside"!

112pgs for just $9.49!

Credit: Richard Clark and Ken Wolak

Jack Hagee
Credit: Doug Klauba
Jack Hagee
credit: Ben Fogletto

Jack Hagee
credit: Doug Klauba & Tom Gianni

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015
jordan 3 cement  jordan prime 5jordan 3 fear,retro 12 jordansjordan 11 berd infrared jordan 6 gamma jordan 11