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We should have new interviews up every other month, so keep on checking back!

artist: Douglas Klauba 07/05

writer: Tom DeFalco 08/05

writer: Justin Gray 09/05

writer:Ben Raab 10/05

artist: Graham Nolan 11/05

writer: Chuck Dixon & artist EricJ 12/05

Team Banzai: Stephen Thompson, Keith Williams, & Joe Gentile 1/06

writer: Steven Grant & artist Tom Mandrake 2/06

writer: CJ Henderson 3/06

Call of the Wild Team: writer Mike Oliveri & artist Joe Bucco 3/06

artist/colorist: Ken Wolak 6/06

writers/editors/Kolchak guys: Joe Gentile & Dave Ulanski 8/06

artist: Zeu 09/06

 If anyone would like me to interview one of creators in particular, please let me know, for I am always open to suggestions!
  Send emails to:
I hope you enjoy this new feature, and thanks for stopping to check it out! 
Lori G.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014