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"Faerber's dialogue is perfect...crisp, tough. Younge's art, black and white like a good noir comic should be, is wonderful. The expressions are perfect, and he uses the panel angles in interesting ways that often make the emotional or action impact of the scene stronger."

Four tough cops who deliver justice THEIR WAY on the streets of Chandler's LA! When actress Sheila Rivers calls The Squad because she fears a hit has been put out for her, they blow her off as a flake who watches too many Edward G. Robinson movies. When she ends up MURDERED, they snap, and put a heat on the city's underworld that would make the devil burn!

48 pgs, b/w, square-bound, self-contained, $5.50

Available!!! ... Click to shop here now!

Story: Jay Faerber
Art: Eric Yonge
Cover: Tim Seelig

Credits: Eric Yonge

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