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"The writing achieves a tone well, and the art is evocative.
... emotive characters and lively setting..."

-Alex Ness/

Credits: Dennis Calero

In 1875, some say there’s no law in Texas. Just coyotes and gunslingers and a sun hot enough to melt a branding iron. For the people of Lone Wolf Crossing-- somewhere between the Frio River and the Rio Grande-- things are no different. Men die in the streets. Drunks are robbed and mutilated in saloons. Whores outnumber their customers. And the law is spread pretty thin.

It’s where the Cisco Kid thrives.

But harboring a dark secret known only to one other in all Texas, the Cisco Kid looks for meaning in a squalid life of crime and violence. He knows he has crossed the brittle line between survival and heinous murder. The memory possesses him like a demon. But he was driven there by lies and deceit... from the one he trusted most of all.

Now he seeks salvation, redemption. And he searches in the most unlikely places-- the blistering Texas desert, a den of thieves, and the smoldering hulk of a Spanish mission that he helped burn to the ground.

Will O Henry’s tragic anti-hero find solace in the ashes?

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Credits: Dennis Calero

Credits: Matt Camp
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Credits: Jerry DeCaire, Mike Kowalczyk

Credits: Jerry DeCaire, Mike Kowalczyk

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