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Credits: Ken Meyer, Jr.

Cambion was once a happy musician with a pet bunny and a hit single. Things kind of got sucky after that. His girlfriend left him, under cruel and unfaithful circumstances, and Cam kind of had a hard time coping. Needless to say, the music and the band eroded.

Cam checked into a mental health facility, and was maliciously mishandled by his psychiatrist (Mary), who has her own issues.

Once out in the world again, Cam was pursued by the police for some crimes he committed, and others that he didn't.

Cam has two personalities operating at the same time, and is in a constant internal struggle as to whether he should break up bad relationships that he comes accross. He also has a dual-precognitive sight; one view that slants the future towards good, while the other slants it toward eveil. Remember, there are two sides to every story.

Cambion pic2
Credits: Ken Meyer, Jr.
Stories: Joe Gentile
Art: Phil Rittenhouse,
Rich Gulick
Covers: Ken Meyer Jr.,
Drew Tucker
Available Issues: (all b/w computer-toned)
  #1 = 24 pgs $2.95
  #2 = 24 pgs $2.95
  #3 = 32 pgs $2.95
  #4 = 32 pgs $2.95
  #5 = 32 pgs $2.95

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Friday, April 18, 2014