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Only once in several lifetimes does the world get such a man a Richard Henry Benson, known as The Avenger.
A man who had amassed a fortune in his early years, he was ready to enjoy life to the fullest with his wife and daughter when diaster struck, which vacuumed his soul right out of his body.
His family was taken from him by crime, and to make matters worse, no one believed him. He was forced into an insane asylum. He escaped.
His facial muscles were paralyzed by the tragedy, so he could press his face into any position to adopt any guise.
From that day on, The Avenger's only drive in life was to bring destruction to crooks who operated beyond the law, and usually he made sure it was by their own hand!

Little by little, he gathered around him associates who, likewise, had been irreparably damaged by crime, and now lived only to see criminals get their just desserts, and they are called JUSTICE, INC.

Credit: Peter Caras
credit: Douglas Klauba
Moonstone has produced ALL NEW tales of The Avenger, starting with an anthology of new prose stories!
With contributing authors: Matthew Baugh, Tom DeFalco, Win Eckert, Joe Gentile, Clay and Susan Griffith, Ron Goulart, CJ Henderson, Howard Hopkins, Paul Kupperberg, Max McCoy, Will Murray, Mel Odom, Gary Phillips, Martin Powell, Robert Randisi,
James Reasoner, Richard Dean Starr, & Dan Wickline.

Cover art by original Avenger paperback cover artist Peter Caras and Dave Dorman!

The LTD ED hardcover sports a new cover by Doug Klauba, as well as having an exclusive to his edition special Avenger story by Indiana Jones novelist Max McCoy!
PLUS...NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of a Peter Caras/Steve Holland Avenger cover photo shoot!

Credit: Dave Dorman
Credit: George Gross

The Avenger's Agents:
MAC- Fergus MacMurdie is The Avenger's first and foremost aid. He alone had nerve enough to tell the truth in Dick Benson's great tragedy, for Mac too, had his family killed by crime, and is ready to sacrifice his very life in order to bring crooks to justice! Mac stands at over six feet, with coarse red hair and bitter blue eyes piercing his freckle-splotched face. His massive hands when doubled into fists become deadly bone mallets. His big feet are balanced out by the enormous sails on his head he calls his ears. The dour Scot is a chemist without equal.
Smitty is big--in fact he is huge. And although his real name is Algernon Heathcote Smith, no one dares call him that! He is a genius level electrical engineer, who spent some time behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. He's a very amiable fellow as his countenance would attest. There are only two things that can turn the good-natured giant into a human landslide. One is calling him by his full name, and the other is when trouble threatens Nellie. When that diminutive blonde is in peril, Smitty is like a mad bull elephant and nothing can stop him.
Nellie Gray, as pretty and fragile-looking as a Dresden doll. No one could look at her and guess the amazing deftness and strength within. Many a crook has found her to be TNT disguised as a pretty package, for she is a master of the art of jujitsu. Even though she can take care of herself, she isn't opposed to being rescued by the gentle-hearted giant, Smitty, when the situation calls for it. She too, has been affected by crime, for her beloved archaeologist father, was murdered while she was in the next room.
Josh-Joshua Elijah Newton is an honor graduate of Tuskegee; and his staged languid pose can be dropped in a moment, and he can turn on the speed, grace and power of a panther!. Josh is the philosopher of the group. "When a tiger roars and lashes his tail, folks go for their guns. When he sleeps in the sun, they pay him no mind." Which is why Josh is usually found shuffling his feet and moving slow. This is also how he got the nickname 'Sleepy' from the dour Scot. He is the best field investigator of this little band.
Rosabel is Josh's lovely wife and his equal in brains and education,after all, she, too, is a honor graduate of Tuskegee. She is likewise willing to devote her life to the task of fighting crime, standing side by side with her husband in this campaign. Rosabel often takes big risks by going right into the lion's den, all the time observing while not being observed. Often taking big chances by radioing her findings back to their Bleek Street. She is the information specialist.
Cole Wilson is "A young fellow with very black and very live-looking eyes. Has hair that grows back from his forehead on each side and down in a wide peak in front. He's a little bigger than average, and walks and moves like he's powerfully strong. Kind of handsome." Cole Wilson is a mechanical engineer by trade and the newest aid to join Justice, Inc. Cole has a slight streak of modern Robin Hood in him: forever wanting to help those defenseless against the treacherous machinations of modern crime.

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jordan 3 cement  jordan prime 5jordan 3 fear,retro 12 jordansjordan 11 berd infrared jordan 6 gamma jordan 11