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Our first NEW Airboy comic: "Best of Enemies", the untold first meeting of Airboy & Valkrie is here!
AND...Domino Lady: Sex as a Weapon, which has a NEW AIRBOY short story, is also here!

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The first issue of the all new Airfighters is here! ..So join Airboy plus the very first...
appearences of CApt Midnight, Iron Ace, Black Angel, Sky Wolf, Flying Dutchman, & Bald Eagle

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Airboy is David ("Davy") Nelson, the son of an expert pilot and a crack flyer himself despite his youth. His friend, inventor and Franciscan monk Brother Francis Martier, had created a highly maneuverable prototype aircraft that flew by flapping its wings, like a bird.
Martier, however, was killed while testing it, and Davy inherited both the plane and a uniform, which had apparently been in Martier's family since the French Revolution.

Credits:Joel Naprstek

Credits: Uwe Jarling

Davy soon christened himself "Airboy", and in his seemingly intelligent new plane, "Birdie", helped the Allies during World War II. With his catchy name, striking costume, independent status in the war, and weird antagonists like intelligent rats, the cleavage-baring Nazi Valkyrie and the mysterious Misery whose Airtomb imprisoned the souls of dead pilots.


Credits: Tom Grindberg, Mark Roberts

And be on the lookout in Jan '10, for AIRFIGHTERS!
Moonstone brings back Sky Wolf, Black Angel, Flying Dutchman, Bald Eagle, Flying Fool, Iron Ace, Captain Midnight, and of course, more AIRBOY!
Then, join writer Chuck Dixon, and artists Ken Hooper and Todd Fox,
as Airboy meets up with all kinds of great G-8!


Credits: x


See the Pulp Heroes Music Video!
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Friday, October 09, 2015
jordan 3 cement  jordan prime 5jordan 3 fear,retro 12 jordansjordan 11 berd infrared jordan 6 gamma jordan 11