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Featuring the gone but not forgotten Canadian heroes from the days of the "Canadian Whites": Johhny Canuck, Commander Steele, Freelance,Ghost Woman, Blackwing, Doctor Destine, Trick Merlin, Zor the Mighty,and more!
All brought to you by the magic of TY TEMPLTON, DAVID CUTLER, and JASON EDMISTON!

art: Jason Edmiston

art: David J. Cutler
2028, Dimitri Tomkin was Russia’s most brilliant scientist and he carried the nickname “The Red Rogue” for his unusual approach to physics and his father’s strong ties to the old Communist system. In May of that year, Tomkin rebuilt Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Wireless Electric Broadcast Tower Experiment in Providenia, Eastern Russia, and got it to work, earning him that year’s Nobel Prize. But the world of 2028 was a dangerous place. The resource hungry empires of China, Europe and India, were competing aggressively with the impoverished, but still very dangerous United States and war seemed inevitable. Dimitri Tomkin was unwilling to see the world devastated by a nuclear conflict, and he took steps on his own. He created an electro-magnetic shock-wave, which he intended to broadcast to the planet, and which contained a complex frequency he had discovered, that degraded radioactive Uranium and turns it into useless, inert lead.

Art: David J. Cutler

Art: David J. Cutler
The device didn’t work as Tomkin had intended. When he pushed the button to set it off…a tremendous burst of power did indeed, shoot out from the tower, and travel across North America from Alaska to New York, destroying Tomkin’s home city of Provendina in an explosion that rivaled Hiroshima. But the Blackout, as it came to be called, de-activated more than radioactive warheads. It affected the basic structure of the world’s supply of metals, rendering them non-conductive and inert. It caused a world wide power outtage that cannot be repaired. A new DARK AGES. Everywhere, except the land that the pulse traveled across…. an area five hundred miles wide and three thousand miles long, across Canada from Alaska to New York, where copper wires and silver batteries remained unaffected…where the power is STILL on…. And where unusual changes occurred in hundreds of people and animals that lay in its path…who awoke from the blackout event with unusual powers and abilities that NO other humans had seen. This is their story

Art: David J. Cutler

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Saturday, October 10, 2015
jordan 3 cement  jordan prime 5jordan 3 fear,retro 12 jordansjordan 11 berd infrared jordan 6 gamma jordan 11